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    Louisiana State University Eunice
  Jul 25, 2017
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2013-2014 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Natural Sciences (Physical Sciences), AS / LT

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Natural Science disciplines require skill in mathematics theory and application. Students interested in science fields will need to study calculus and select the natural science course options offered ‘for science majors’ to develop a strong core knowledge in the sciences.

As an alternative to taking all of the science options, a student interested in further study in physical science majors may choose to add more courses in the Humanities area, e.g., foreign language (6-12 hours) to the degree plan in preparation for transfer into a baccalaureate program. Advisors, and the university catalogs and links on the articulation web site ( can provide more guidance on specific course recommendations depending on the student’s area of interest and anticipated baccalaureate major.

Physical Sciences Curriculum Guide

60 Hour Core

Natural Sciences (17-27 Hours = 9 GenEd + 8-18)

  • Sequence + labs in Chemistry or Physics for Science Majors; 8 hrs (required)
  • General Education Biology I Cr. 3 (required) *
  • Choose at least 6 hours from:
    • Chemistry (& Labs) Cr. 3-8
    • Biology (& Lab) Cr. 3-8 *
    • Physics (& Labs) Cr. 3-8 *
    • Science/Engineering/Math Cr. 3-16

Humanities (minimum 9 hours General Education Humanities + 0-12 Humanities hours)

Social/Behavioral Science

Fine Arts


*Check with an advisor. The anticipated major or area of interest will impact the type and number of humanities classes that should be completed, or which type of biology/biology lab or physics/physics lab class would be most appropriate.

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