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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

3. Institutional Mission

The purpose of Louisiana State University Eunice is to serve the needs of its constituency in keeping with the mission of the overall Louisiana State University. Specifically, LSU Eunice seeks to provide programs and services normally associated with a comprehensive two-year college. Accordingly, the role, scope, and mission statement for LSU Eunice, as promulgated in the “LSU at Eunice Strategic Plan: Blueprint for the Future” and approved by the LSU Board of Supervisors is as follows:

Louisiana State University Eunice, a campus of Louisiana State University, is a comprehensive, open admissions institution of higher education. LSUE is dedicated to high quality, low-cost education and is committed to academic excellence and the dignity and worth of the individual. To this end, Louisiana State University Eunice offers associate degrees, technical diplomas, certificates, and continuing education programs as well as transfer curricula. Its curricula span the liberal arts, sciences, business and technology, pre-professional, and professional areas for the benefit of a diverse population. All who can benefit from its resources deserve the opportunity to pursue the goal of lifelong learning and to expand their knowledge and skills at LSU Eunice.

In fulfillment of this mission, Louisiana State University Eunice strives to achieve the following:

  1. Encourage traditional and nontraditional populations to take advantage of educational opportunities.
  2. Create a learning environment which facilitates the integration of knowledge and the development of the whole person.
  3. Provide a general education which requires all students to master the skills and competencies necessary for lifelong learning.
  4. Provide programs which parallel four-year college and university courses which are directly transferable.
  5. Prepare students to meet employment opportunities as determined by regional needs.
  6. Prepare programs of developmental studies which will upgrade student skills to the levels necessary for successful college experience.
  7. Provide the necessary support services to help students realize their maximum potential.
  8. Create and offer programs of Continuing/Adult Education and community service which respond to the needs of the area.

LSU Eunice will continue to serve the educational and cultural needs of its service area by offering necessary certificate and associate degree programs. Since high quality technical programs are crucial to economic development, LSU Eunice will continue to expand its relationship with local business and industry to identify area workforce needs. The institution will also work closely with four-year colleges in the area to further increase matriculation opportunities for its students. Public service activities will be undertaken to meet the needs of the service area and to raise the level of education and improve the quality of life for area citizens.


Louisiana State University Eunice is committed to the principle that individuals should have the opportunity to develop themselves through education commensurate with their capabilities and interests. To this end, LSUE strives to provide educational programs and related services which reflect and respond to the diversified interests, aptitudes, talents, needs, and goals of its constituency.

Strategic Goals

To serve the citizens of Louisiana and position the University strategically, LSU Eunice seeks to:

  1. Ensure student access
  2. Strengthen student success
  3. Expand partnerships
  4. Demonstrate a culture of continuous improvement