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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

8. Student Services

Louisiana State University Eunice provides services and activities to assist students in making their educational careers more satisfying and successful. The many programs offered aid the individual’s total development—personal, social, and physical, as well as intellectual.


Upon entering LSU Eunice, each student is assigned an academic advisor who aids in class scheduling and provides guidance in dealing with any academic problems the student may encounter while on campus. Additionally, all faculty members set aside time for student conferences and encourage members of their classes to take advantage of this opportunity to discuss their classwork individually.

In addition to academic advising provided by faculty advisors, students can receive a broad range of advising services through the Offices of Student Affairs, including counseling regarding admission, academics, financial aid, and career decisions. First-semester students (12 credit hours or less) will receive advising services through the Student Success Center (Library, 1st Floor).



Career Services

The mission of Career Services is to assist students and alumni in choosing careers, obtaining career-related work experience while in school, developing job search skills, and securing employment.
Undergraduates are encouraged to follow their Recommended Paths throughout their college years to fully prepare themselves to develop the skills, experience, and confidence to transition successfully from college to career.  Students are also encouraged to enrich their studies and prepare for their careers by using the Kuder College and Career Planning System. Students can take this assessment and request to review their results with an advisor in the Student Success Center to make informed decisions about their academic and professional goals.


Student Health Services

The WellSmart Health Clinic, an affiliate of Opelousas General Health System, is a community partner with LSU Eunice and offers a range of healthcare services to students, faculty, staff, and members of the community. Located in the Mumphrey Center, Room 118, the clinic accepts health insurance and offers affordable payment options to students without insurance. Students can walk-in or schedule an appointment by calling the clinic at 337-678-4749.

Compass Health is a community partner with LSU Eunice, providing free mental health counseling services to students. Appointments are administered via telehealth with a licensed mental health professional who is trained and experienced in working with college students experiencing a range of issues. Students experiencing signs of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, poor self-esteem, or other signs or poor mental health should take advantage of this resource. Students can contact Compass Health at 337-534-0490 to schedule an appointment.


Services for Students with Disabilities

Disability Services assists students in identifying and developing accommodations and services to help overcome barriers to the achievement of personal and academic goals. Services are provided for students with temporary or permanent disabilities. Accommodations and services are based on the individual student’s disability-based need. Students must provide current documentation of their disabilities, and a request for accommodations must be submitted for each semester in which the student wants to receive accommodations. Students should contact the office early so that necessary accommodations can be arranged. Disability Services is located in the LeDoux Library, Room 100C and can be reached by email at ods@lsue.edu or by phone: 337-550-1204.

ACT Assessment Program

The American College Test (ACT) Assessment Program, or its equivalent, provides relevant and timely information to assist students and LSU Eunice in making educational plans and decisions wisely. Administered by the Office of Student Affairs, LSU Eunice uses the ACT Assessment Program to place students in their initial courses based on the Louisiana Board of Regents guidelines.


The ACT Assessments, covering the subject areas of English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning, are designed to assess general educational development. These scores are used for placement in English, mathematics, biology, and chemistry classes. ACT Scores older than five years will not be used for placement. Special testing arrangements can be made for individuals with mental or physical disabilities.


The ACT Assessment and the ACT Residual tests are administered annually on the LSU Eunice campus.    Students should note that scores from the ACT Residual taken at LSU Eunice may not be used by some colleges for eligibility or placement purposes. Students should check with their transfer institution about their admissions rules and procedures.


There is a charge for the ACT Assessment. Students should contact the Office of Student Affairs at 337-550-1208 stuaff@lsue.edu for further information.


Veterans Benefits

The Office of Veterans’ Affairs provides advising and information for veterans attending LSU Eunice. Enrollment certifications to the Veterans Administration are handled through this office. All veterans and eligible dependents of deceased or disabled veterans are urged to establish contact with the LSU Eunice Office of Veterans Affairs for information concerning benefits pertaining to enrollment. For detailed information visit http://www.lsue.edu/veteransaffairs/index.php.


Free tutoring is available to all registered students.  The Tutoring Center, located in the Science Building in Room S-147, offers help with homework, test preparation, and study strategies in many subject areas.  The tutoring services are provided by peer tutors and no appointment is necessary.  Free online tutoring through Smarthinking is available to all students as well.  Smarthinking online tutoring can be accessed on the LSU Eunice website by clicking on the myCourses tab at the top of the page. 


Bengal Excellence Awards

Bengal Excellence Awards is held each year in the spring to present awards to select LSU Eunice students. Academic achievement awards are presented to outstanding students in various programs of study.  Students also receive awards for service, exemplary leadership, and other nonacademic achievements.

Student Life

Campus life and experiences outside the classroom are important and rewarding elements of a university education. A variety of cultural, social, and recreational activities supplement and complement classroom studies at LSU Eunice. In addition to participating in existing organizations, students at LSU Eunice have a unique opportunity to pioneer new activities. Full participation in campus life is assured through student government and through student representation on key campus committees.

Student Activities

Student organizations spanning various fields of interest are active at LSU Eunice. Major fields of study have their own clubs. Social, political, religious, recreational, and special interest organizations also are active. For more information, contact the Coordinator of Student Life in Mumphrey Center, Room 112 or 337-550-1218.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA), elected by the student body, includes a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and a Student Senate. The purpose of SGA is to provide representation for LSU Eunice students concerning matters pertaining to LSUE. The SGA also sponsors social activities of interest to students and provides funding for student organizations and campus improvement projects. For more information, contact the Student Government Association Office at 337-550-1218 in Mumphrey Center, Room 116.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is an award-winning student organization that uses student activity fees to sponsor social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities for LSU Eunice students.  Membership is open to all LSU Eunice students.

Other Organizations

LSU Eunice has additional student organizations on the campus.  These organizations have been established to provide opportunities for the students to become more effective citizens of the campus; to accept responsibility; to work with others in a common undertaking; to develop qualities of leadership; and to establish bases for friendship and school spirit. Among these organizations are the following:

Baptist Collegiate Ministry was organized to promote the spiritual and moral growth of the individual student and provide for fellowship.

Bengal Ambassadors group members help with New Student Orientation and other campus events.

Catholic Student Center was organized to promote the spiritual and moral growth of the individual student and provide for fellowship.

Chi Sigma Tau is an organization for students majoring in radiologic technology.

Criminal Justice Society is an organization for students majoring in criminal justice.

Culturally Diverse Student Alliance engages in a variety of civic, service, and social activities.

Gamma Gamma is an honor society for business majors.

Hello Stranger provides outlets for LSUE students to gather together to meet one another.

LSUE Choir allows LSUE students to express themselves vocally through gospel music while enlightening their peers and provides a comforting outlet for students who are musically inclined to share their talents with the community.

Phi Theta Kappa, a national honor society and the Alpha Sigma Iota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa on the LSUE campus, recognizes students who earn a 3.5 or higher grade point average with at least 12 semester hours of course work.  PTK also promotes academic excellence and engages in service projects to benefit LSUE students.

Photography Club promotes creativity through photography.

Pre-Professional Health Majors Association organizes activities that assist students who are preparing to enroll in medical school or another school in the health professions.

Pre-Veterinary Club is an organization for those students who plan to major in veterinary medicine and for them to learn about the profession.

Residence Hall Association seeks to unite students living in Bengal Village campus apartments and enhance the campus living environment.

Respiratory Care Club is an organization for students majoring in the field of respiratory care.

Student Nurses Association, a pre-professional nursing organization, helps students prepare for careers as health professionals.

Student Organization Council is comprised of the presidents of all LSUE registered student organizations.

Student Veterans Organization promotes communication and interaction among veterans in order to achieve a healthy environment for veterans while attending LSUE.  

New student organizations may be formed throughout the year at LSU Eunice.  Refer to the Student Organizations page at www.lsue.edu/organizations for information regarding the process for starting a new student organization and the required documents.  The Dean of Student Affairs will assist new organizations in completing the registration process towards becoming recognized as an active registered student organization. Registered student organizations are able to reserve space on campus, post materials on campus, and request funding from the Student Government Association.

Recreational Facilities and Intramurals Sports

The Recreation Center is located in the Health and Physical Education Building.  Facilities and activities are available for students to become physically fit.  Indoor facilities include a heated pool, gymnasium, and weight room. Outdoor facilities include tennis courts, and a sand volleyball court. Fitness classes are also offered.

The intramural sports program at LSU Eunice provides students with an opportunity to participate in competitive activities on campus. Popular intramural sports include flag football, basketball, softball, and volleyball. For information regarding the Recreation Center and intramural sports, contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Intercollegiate Sports

The LSU Eunice Bengals compete in men’s baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s softball in the National Junior College Athletic Association’s Region 23, which includes 2-year colleges in Louisiana and Mississippi. For additional information, contact the LSU Eunice Athletic Department at 337-550-1417.