Jun 17, 2024  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2. Administration

Board of Supervisors

This list reflects Board membership at the time of publication of this catalog in March 2019  
Term Expires on June 1
Mr. James M. Williams, Chair 2022
Ms. Mary L. Werner, Chair-elect 2024
Mr. J. Stephen Perry, Past Chair 2022
Mr. Ronald Anderson, Member-at-Large 2020
Mr. Lee Mallett, Member-at-Large 2024
Mr. J. Stephen Perry, Member-at-Large 2022
Mr. Jack A. “Jay” Blossman, Jr., District 1 2024
Mr. Remy Voisin Starns, District 1 2024
Mr. James M. Williams, Chair-elect, District 2 2022
Mr. Jimmie M. Woods, District 2 2024
Mr. Glenn J. Armentor, District 3 2022
Ms. Mary L. Werner, District 3 2024
Ms. Valencia Sarpy Jones, District 4 2022
Mr. B. Wayne Brown, District 4 2024
Mr. R. Blake Chatelain, District 5 2020
Mr. James W. Moore Jr., District 5 2020
Mr. Robert S. Dampf, District 6 2024
Mr. Robert “Bobby” Yarborough, District 6 2020
Mr. Richard Brazzel, Student Member 2020
F. King Alexander, Ph.D., President of LSU and Secretary to the Board  
Nicole Griffith, Office Administrator, LSU Board of Supervisors  

Officers of the University

F. King Alexander, Ph.D., President of LSU
Stacia Haynie, Ph.D., Executive Vice-President and Provost
Jason Droddy, Ph.D., Vice President of External Relations
Kristine Sanders, Interim Vice-President for Strategic Communications 
Daniel T. Layzell, Ph.D., Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
Thomas V. Skinner, General Counsel

Officers of LSU Eunice

Nancee J. Sorensen, Ed.D., Chancellor
Sheila Renée Robichaux, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Vacant, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs (duties temporarily assumed by Amy Greagoff, C.P.A., Director of Accounting)
Kyle Smith, Ed.D., Dean of Student Affairs
Vacant, Dean of Enrollment Management (duties temporarily assumed by Kyle Smith, Ed.D., Dean of Student Affairs)

LSU Eunice Administrative Council

Nancee J. Sorenson, Ed.D., Chancellor
Michael P. Broussard, M.P.A., Director of Physical Plant
Joseph Cilano, B.G.S., Director of Grants
Paul R. Fowler, Ph.D., Director of Institutional Effectiveness, and SACSCOC Liaison
Vacant, Dean of Enrollment Management
Vacant, Director of Economic Development and Continuing Education 
Stephan Heyward, B.B.A., Director of Information Technology/Institutional Research
John Hamlin, Ph.D., Dean of Sciences and Mathematics and Chief Articulation Officer
Jeff Willis, M.S., Athletic Director & Head Baseball Coach 
Cassie Jobe-Ganucheau, MLIS, Director of the LIbrary
Jessica J. Jones, Ph.D, Director of Student Success
Jacqueline Lachapelle, B.S., Director of Financial Aid
Carey Lawson, M.S., Director of University Advancement
Sandra Mahoney, Ph.D., Dean of Liberal Arts
Dorothy McDonald, M.A., Dean of Health Sciences and Business Technology
Kyle Smith, Ed.D, Dean of Student Affairs
Van Reed, B.S., Director of Public Relations and Recruiting
Sheila Renée Robichaux, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Donnie Thibodeaux, M.B.A., Registrar
Vacant, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

Faculty Senate Chair, ex officio
Staff Senate Chair, ex officio